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2022/2023 Seed Sharing Service Project Results  


8405 Youth Served

1370 Adults Served 

Seed sharing dates coming soon!



2020 has been a challenging and successful growing season at the Farm. We managed, with just a few volunteers,  to grow 1000 lbs of organic vegetables. All produce is donated to the surrounding community in NW Detroit. Your seeds helped us tremendously, considering we work completely with volunteers and donations. You can see pictures in out Facebook page @farmcitydetroit


Our seed library combined with instructive programming is an effective tool for introducing and nurturing the love of gardening for all age groups. Finding seeds for the seed library is always a challenge, however, and we so appreciate the companies that donate to the 4-H distribution. The seeds provide much-needed variety for our seed library, and help introduce our patrons to new vegetables and flowers that they have not seen before. We also appreciate the Tollgate 4-H group for putting this distribution together every year for educators, especially for pulling it together in a pandemic! Thank you all!"


For privacy reasons, we are changing the name of the individual to Maria. Maria recently lost her job due to COVID-19 where she and many others in our community were layed off. Being in her early 60’s Maria found herself in a tough situation where she was unable to support herself on unemployment due to being an at-risk individual. Through Cadillac Urban Gardens, Maria was able to receive produce in a manner she felt safe and comfortable in where pre-made produce bags were loaded into the back of her vehicle and provided her enough food to last her throughout the week until her next pickup. Maria loved the variety and appreciated the ability to customize what was in her bags based on what was available in the garden that week and hopes to come again next season once the garden is open again. With the seeds provided, CUGM would not have been able to provide free produce to residents like Maria. 

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