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Tollgate Farm 4-H Club hosts farm stands at Tollgate events to raise funds for the animal barn and our activities. Youth are able to work at these stands, and gain valuable experience selling product. You can find our farm stands at Tollgate events such as:


Pancake Feast 

Weekly Summer Farm Stands 

Fall Farm Stands

Holiday Farm Stands 



Club members are expected to make the product that we sell at farm stands, including goat milk soap, fruit leather, and ornaments. Youth are allowed to submit their own ideas for product, calculate costs, and express their creativity. Though some activities, such as soap making, are age restricted, there are plenty of ways younger members can participate in product making.


Working at a farm stand strengthens many skills, such as the ability to count money, becoming more talkative, being able to market a product, and teamwork. Youth are often put in groups of two or three when working at farm stands. Both older and younger club members gain valuable experience by working at farm stands. 

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