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In the Barn

We are proud of Tollgate Farm 4-H Club's animal program. 


Our club members work with and learn about a variety of animals such as

goats, sheep, cattle, rabbits, horses, chickens, and ducks.


Club members are able to participate in animal care, earn funds for the animal program's expenses, take the animals to county and state fairs, and sell animal products including eggs, meat, and goat milk soap. Educational opportunities, such as animal ultrasounds and vet clinics are also offered to enhance members' knowledge of some of the species on the farm.


Field Trips

Our club goes on educational field trips to learn more about animal science. We often visit other farms to learn about their protocols and how we can improve our facility. 


Educational Activities

Weekly meetings are occasionally dedicated to animal education. WE discuss topics such as biosecurity, animal welfare, and anatomy. 


Our Animals

All of the animals at Tollgate serve a purpose because they're production-type animals. We sell chicken and duck eggs, and the ruminants contribute to products like felted ornaments and soap. 

Livestock & Poultry Showmanship 

Our Livestock & Poultry Showmanship program allows our members to take Tollgate Farm animals to the Oakland County and Michigan State fairs. 

An animal project is a commitment, requiring showmen to provide routine care for the animals on the farm, complete educational activities to deepen their species knowledge, and prepare their animals and themselves for the fair. 

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