Consider Supporting Tollgate Farm 4-H Youth by bidding on one of these fine animals at the Oakland County Fair, at the Oakland County Fairgrounds (Springfield Oaks Metropark). 


Chloe and Penelope (122)
Why is Chloe doing a market project?
I am selling a market lamb to learn about animal welfare while also earning money to put away for college. I hope to pursue a career in biology, and this program allows me to get hands-on experience working with livestock.
Rachel and August (123)
Why is Rachel doing a market project?
I like marketing because it can help me understand how to take care of animals and the economics of farming.
Katherine and Aspen (47)
Why is Katherine doing a market project?
I have participated in the market program at Tollgate before and I really enjoyed it. It provides great learning opportunities, and I hope to learn even more this year
Susanna and Evelyn (129)
Why is Susanna doing a market project?
I'm doing a market lamb to increase my knowledge of both animal health and raising and to learn more about marketing, advertising, and entrepreneurship. with this project, I hope to gain skills and experience that will help me later in life, and I plan on investing any earnings I make into my college fund. 

Tollgate Farm 4-H Club's Animal Program includes the opportunity for kids to take animals to the fair for showmanship competitions and to auction.  The club members participate in dairy goat, lamb and poultry projects. Raising an animal takes hard work and discipline. There are many decisions along the way about care, grooming, marketing and more. The youth raise money through the sale of animals that can help future projects and education. Email us for more information at or call us at (248)956-0029.

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